Greencastle, Indiana

Greencastle, IN
Pop. 10,326Greencastle was founded in 1821 by Scots-Irish settlers from Pennsylvania. The city became the county seat of Putman County in west-central Indiana. The city remains fairly small, with a population of around 10,300, but is expected to grow with the new city revitalization efforts taking place. Depauw University and Ivy Tech Community College make it a strong educational center and bring many visitors to the area.

  • Project Dates: September 19, 2008 – December 2, 2008
  • Exhibition: Experimental Geography at the Richard E. Peeler Art Center, DePauw University
  • Collaborating Partners: Students in Rebecca Upton’s DePauw University anthropology course,  Kaytie Johnson and the Peeler Center staff, Independent Curators International
  • Notes: Students were assigned the task of collecting maps off campus, as a response to the intense divide between “town and gown” or Greencastle and DePaw. Lauren Cumbia, Dave Pabellon and Daniel Tucker led a workshop for the course discussing case studies of other mapping projects.

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