• is Published by AREA Chicago
  • Featuring Contributions by Samuel Barnett, Euan Hague, Jayne Hileman, Daniel Tucker and Rebecca Zorach
  • Designed by Dave Pabellon (Original Chicago templates developed by DanielTucker and Dakota Brown)
  • Project Coordinated by Daniel Tucker
  • NPA Location descriptions by Haley Rose Martin, Ross Hrynkiv and Samuel Barnett
  • NPA Project descriptions by Daniel Tucker in collaboration with partnering organizations
  • Additional editing/proofreading by Rebecca Zorach, Euan Hague, Samuel Barnett, Euan Hague, and Haley Rose Martin
  • Special thanks: all of the host venues, curators and collaborators mentioned throughout this book; Lauren Cumbia, Bill Ayers, Lize Mogul, Ryan Griffis of Art US, Deanna Issacs of the Chicago Reader, Victoria Fine, Jake Malooley and Ruth Lopez of Timeout Chicago, Connie Spreen, Rachel Wallis, the DSLR crew and Steve Anderson for inspiring this project with their Chicago and San Francisco maps, Center for Urban Pedagogy, Ryan Lugalia Hollon, Wicker Park photography by Jason Reblando for AREA, Ben Schaafsma for arranging the relationship with Around the Coyote, Abigail Satinsky for her workshop at the Wicker Park Field House; Past Interns: Monica Barra, Veronica Schubow, Ashley Weger, Haley Rose Martin; Scanning and Image preparation: Megan Kowakski, Darcy Lydum, Jayne Hileman; DePaul University, Department of Geography.
Bios For Primary Organizers of NPA from 2005-2011:
  • Samuel Barnett is the distribution and outreach coordinator for AREA Chicago and is a keyholder with Mess Hall, an experimental cultural center in Rogers Park. Since 2002 he has used photography, oral history, archival research, and community activism to conduct “Judge Gary,” a creative inquiry into Gary, Indiana.
  • Euan Hague teaches Urban and Cultural Geography at DePaul University. Originally from Scotland, his Ph.D. research asked children in Scotland and the United States to draw pictures about Scotland and was published in Scottish Geographical Magazine (2001). His current research examines gentrification and urban development.  
  • Jayne Hileman has been encouraging Mapping in studio projects for drawing and art education classes for several years, with her students at Saint Xavier University, Chicago. See
  • for images from Fall 2009 Mapping Projects.  Her Mapping: Beverly-to-Blue Island and Beyond series of images visually considers the spatial history of the Chicago region, referencing maps, history and popular culture. Her website:,  is currently in construction.
  • Dave Pabellon is a designer/educator who works for Faust design firm and teaches Chicago youth design skills at Marwen. He is in constant pursuit of projects that overlap visual communication and community empowerment.
  • Daniel Tucker edited AREA until 2010 and has been the lead coordinator of Notes for a People’s Atlas. He recently co-authored the book Farm Together Now: A portrait of people, places and ideas for a new food movement (Chronicle Books, Fall 2010).
  • Rebecca Zorach teaches Art History at the University of Chicago. A frequent editor of and contributor to AREA Chicago, she has published books and articles on Renaissance and contemporary art and architecture, and organized The Virtual Tourist in Renaissance Rome, an exhibition on early printed images of Rome (including maps), along with its companion digital project, The Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae Digital Collection.  

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